Phi Beta Kappa

University of Mississippi

Chapter Resident Members

Phi Beta Kappa chapters are granted to the Phi Beta Kappa members of the faculty and staff of the sheltering institution. These members, called active or resident members of the chapter, are responsible for conducting chapter business.


Michele Alexandre – Law
Heather Allen – Modern Languages
Luanne Buchanan – Modern Languages
Lee M. Cohen – College of Liberal Arts and Psychology
Donald Dyer – College of Liberal Arts and Modern Languages
Cristin Ellis – English
Robbie Ethridge – Anthropology, Southern Studies
Ann Fisher-Wirth – English
Jean Gispen – Employee Health Center
Deborah Gochfeld – National Center for Natural Products Research
Richard Gordon – Electrical Engineering
Marjorie Holland – Biology
April Holm – History
Joshua Howard – History
Catherine Janasie – Mississippi Law Research Institute
Rhona Justice-Malloy – Theatre Arts
John Lobur – Classics
Neil Manson – Philosophy & Religion
Daniell Mattern – Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kathryn McKee – English, Southern Studies
Micah Baruch Milinovich – Mathematics
Sarah Moses – Philosophy & Religion
Stephanie Moussalli – Accountancy
Matthew Murray – Sociology & Anthropology
Daniel O’Sullivan – Modern Languages
Ted Ownby – History, Southern Studies
Cecelia Parks – J.D. Williams Library
Molly Pasco-Pranger – Classics
William Schenck – Croft Institute
Sandra Spiroff – Mathematics
Maribeth Stolzenburg – Physics & Astronomy
Mary Thurlkill – Philosophy & Religion
Anne Twitty – History
Jeffrey Scott Vitter – Office of the Chancellor, Computer & Information Science
Jay Watson – English
Noell Wilson – History
Peter Wirth – English


Michael Danahy – Modern Languages
Maurice Eftink – Chemistry
Benjamin Fisher – English
Kees Gispen – Croft Institute for International Studies, History
Donald Kartiganer – English
Colby Kullman – English
Robert Moysey – Classics
Ronald Schroeder – English
Warren Steel – Music