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Phi Beta Kappa
University of Mississippi

Chapter Members in Course Spring 2002

The Second Class of Initiates
Initiated April 5, 2002

The Society’s distinctive emblem, a golden key, is widely recognized as a symbol of academic achievement.
It should be worn only by members.

Kelly Caldwell Allison – English
Robert Michael Angelo – Physics
Austin McNees Barrett – Biological Science
Sarah Marie Beasley – Journalism
William Bacon Bell – Biological Science
Kathryn Luise Bock – International Studies / Spanish
Brent Hayes Bonds – English / Classics
Jon Francis Carmer, Jr. – History
Laura Ann Caruso – Classics
Alicia Lynn Cole – Mathematics
Mary Claire Crowson – Biochemistry
Jay Ramesh Desai – Biological Science /Physics /Psychology
Andrew Christopher Dickey – Physics
Angela Carol Faulkner – Biological Science
Gerry Bowen Green – Biological Science
Lydia Elaine Hailman – Journalism / International Studies / French
Elizabeth Gabrielle Hardin – Psychology
Shay Alan Hitchcock – International Studies / Political Science
Elizabeth Hope Hoffman – English
Stuart M. Irby, Jr. – English
Cynthia Lee Jones – Psychology / Biological Science
Zhanna Amirbiyevna Kouchkhova – English / Political Science
Callie Lee Lowrey – English
Joseph Zebulon Maharrey – Geology
James Julius McCarthy – English
Martha Ann McCarthy – Liberal Arts
Ryan P McClelland – English
Mary Elizabeth McGehee – Biochemistry / Psychology
Holly Catherine McLaurin – Biological Science
Tamika Renee Montgomery – English / Political Science
Megan Earline Norris – English / International Studies
Katherine Anne O’Brien – Political Science
Allison Blake Parrott – English
Melanie Brooke Paulson – Political Science
Meta Smithson Poole – Psychology
James Robert Rigby – Physics
Heather McEwen Roberson – English
Joanna Cecile Rochester – Mathematics
John Stafford Rouse – Political Science
Stewart Watkins Rutledge – Physics
Sara Andrea Schiro – Psychology / English
Heather Dawn Smith – Biochemistry /Biological Science
Joanna ZhangLiWei Stead – Computer Science
Elizabeth Whitney Sutliff – Biological Science
Richard Andrew Taylor – Physics
Derrick Heath Tesseneer – Biological Science
Christopher Scott Thompson – Journalism / Southern Studies
Charles Roderic Wells, II – Classics
Jonathan Robert Werne – Philosophy